Contemporary. Colorful. Vibrant.

This is what defines Madsbox.com – to annihilate the boring and the ordinary, to spice up, glamorizes and boost the style quotient of your wardrobe, house or workspace. Be it ready-to-buy collection or made-to-order products, our brand stands tall with its quirky design aesthetics, unmatched quality, and on-point customer service.

Started brilliantly and growing rapidly, we have a wide range of t-shirts, mobile cases & covers, mugs, magic mugs, coasters, posters etc. injected with a sense of youthful cool. Every creation is unisex- breaking the gender barrier and styled to appeal from young people to grown-ups – smashing the ‘age appropriate design’ cliché.


Mamta & Aseem, the high-school sweethearts who complements each other’s skills and strengths co-founded Madsbox.com. Mamta, who has an educational background in MBA (Finance) quit her job at the bank and follow her passion for art, color, and designs. Aseem, who is also an MBA in finance and a financial analyst by profession, bored of his regular 9-6 daily routine job aspired to have his own start-up liked the idea of Mamta. He then added on with the idea of customised t-shirts, knew how to put the idea inline in order to make the dream come true!

For them, the love came first, followed by the love of business. Like every long journey starts with a single step, this love duo, now sharing life together started from a backyard store room with an investment of just 50k and landed 50 clients in the first month and thereby increasing 5000 happy and satisfied clients of Madsbox.com family. Like every aspiring entrepreneur, they pulled up their socks to face a fair share of risks and some learning curves to turn their vision into reality.

Mamta has always been a fashion fanatic who believes in the style that is simple yet smart. For her, it’s all about wearing an attitude. And Madsbox.com gives you loads of it! A nice color with some quirky, eye-catchy caption speaks a lot about the humorous side of your personality. She has the foray into revamping crazy, quirky lifestyle apparels, products in a fun way.

Aseem, whose witty and humorous nature helps in creating some out-of-the-box designs for the wide product range. He is also responsible for bringing in new business and ensuring best customer service. He takes the charge of Madsbox.com’s day-to-day operations. He blends business savvy with design expertise to execute the needs of customers- both ready-to-have and customization – and to keep an edge over the best quality, so that the customers keep coming back for more.

While they are very different, but it allows them the autonomy to excel in their individual areas of expertise and then come together, working as a team.


Shortly after we were married, we decided to combine our individual skills, energy and motivation into one direction and started working together for Madsbox.com.

We combine fashion and art to create collections in apparel, home, accessories and gifts that are rooted in contemporary style and are inspired by everyday observations. We also customize apparels so that you can express your own individuality in style. Our amazing range of products and apparels transform unforgettable experiences into memorable possessions.

We, at Madsbox.com always strive to create better products and do stuff which ‘wow’ our customers every time they go through our collection. So, what are you waiting for? Start splurging to grab your favorite product right now!